Smile & Nod

by Young Splendor

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In the true spirit of DIY, and mostly out of necessity, we cobbled this album together ourselves over the winter of 2011. Mark Christensen recorded his drums on an 8-track up in Tacoma, while Kellen and Jamie did the rest down in Portland. After attempting to mix the resulting tracks for a bare minimum of suck, they were sent off to our good friend James Moffitt in Anacortes, WA for more mixing and some mastering. We now present to you our first EP!


released May 12, 2012

Mark Christensen: drums
Jamie Parfitt: guitar, vocals, bass
Kellen Hawley: bass, vocals, guitar
James Moffitt (of the Rattle Room): mixing and mastering.
Monica Martinez (Connect the Dots Records): photos



all rights reserved


Young Splendor Portland, Oregon

Haphazardly sewn together with nostalgia and good intentions like so many prized childhood security blankies, the members of Young Splendor strive to create music which, though often messy, is at least somewhat honest. Young Splendor is Jamie (vocals, guitar, bass), Kellen (vocals, bass, guitar), and Justin (drums, vocals). ... more

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Track Name: Soliloquy In Two
He's so hypnotizing, no one can criticize him
After all, who knows what he might do?
So tell the truth,

What's the first thing you remember? (No, I can't recall)
We were summoned in a clamor (Yes, we were called)
So to diagnose an old friend, unaware of dire portents
Baleful ghosts and creeping madness.

He's preoccupied.
What could lay so heavy on his mind?
And is there naught we can do,
To tear this soliloquy in two,
between me and you.

No one takes us seriously,
They're too busy mincing words, so well said
And subtle as a blow to the head!

But everyone's got a story,
when we just want to know what's in store for us.
Let's hope it isn't gory,
when rapier wit twists to nooses fit for our necks.
What have we done wrong?
Track Name: A History of Electricity
Frankish knights of Charlemagne,
They led us out of the dark ages.
Pennsylvania, quaker state,
It seems to me they had it right
At one time, we were gentle and kind,
But a lifetime's not enough just to watch it all pass by.

They'll always go straight to DVD...
Well pardon me for thinking that it's good to know your history!

Now it's Istanbul not Constantinople,
But before all that it was Byzantium
And Alexander rode right over it,
On his way toward the Ganges.
At one time, men weren't only guys,
And sometimes I wish that I could just go back in time...

Despite the lightning in your eyes,
I'm not conducive so no sparks will fly.
I'm positive, you're positive
Not opposites but still no sparks will fly.
Track Name: Sometimes Y
If only things were so clear-cut,
He thinks they say just what they mean.
Can't mull it over for a while,
Someone turned down, broke off the dial
That reads inner monologue,
And he'll reply in time, but with no second thought
What does it mean?

He's got no sounding board, and don't ask why. ('cause he ain't got that chromosome)
He thinks there's - oh my lord- why would they lie? (sometimes Y can teach you things)

Been kicked around the world a while,
Well finally here is some relief.
Mind like a blackboard, they'll chalk up
Whatever they wanted to see:
A scapegoat, a prescription note,
He's identified, and denied, streets where he'll reside.

(sometimes Y don't mean a thing)
Track Name: Notes From the Underground
You dreamed a dream of crystal castles,
I'll shed some light on how we cast stones
Even paradise can seem like shackles.
So rational and so mathematic',
Go tell it on the fool, the addict!
She breaks her will to keep it free,
New blood for caustic chemistry.
At least she never saw it coming...

In spite of hindsight,
Love is tyranny.
In time, she'll die
Hopeless and un-mourned.

Apropos of wet snow, so long ago.
It's better to do nothing! Better conscious inertia.
So long live the underground...
Track Name: Re-Coordination
I'll float down your stream of consciousness,
Leaving drops of oil along the surface of the water.
I see you branching out your thoughts
From the places, I thought I would go.
And I have no way of steering, so I want you to know.

That my little insecurities,
They betray me at every bend.

So I'll put my life on hold,
Tangle cords while you play catch-up.
'Cause the world's harsh and bright,
But the glow from the stars,
Is echoed by a softer light in your eyes and your heart.

Still my little insecurities,
They remind me that nothing is sure.
And I'm almost getting used to it,
More reassuring than reassured.


And my little insecurities,
Slowly fade into the past.
You remind me that life can be beautiful
Even if we can't make it last.
Track Name: The Sun King
I wound easy now it's cold, wet, dry,
This infernal sky, it breaks my crown
And tears my mantle, monarchy is a bad example
'Cause I'm poor as dirt! And the shirt on my back
Reeks of cigarettes...

I get off easy praising idle threats,
And watching bricks stack up to you,
For your high tower,
I don't know how our heart grew sour.

Now you've got eyes for the noble savage,
Who's suffered more than I could conjure up.
I'll read one more dark passage
And leave off in distrust.

And if the sun does rise,
I'll be that bird,
Wholly unburnt and armed with steel pinions
To rake the sky, reap what I so desire...
A cleansing fire.

But all will be well, and this cannot be hell.
Though I'll be damned before I take this trip again.
Before I take this trip again...

Deep inside your heart,
Deep inside your heart of darkness.

(The king is dead, long live the king)